The pilots in this project are part of DIH HERO

  • Status: Active
  • From July 2022 until March 2023
  • Pilot Studies


Address challenges imposed by COVID19 in the work of care professionals and daily life of patients.


Within this project we will deploy a robot in 4 different location to demonstrate the use of a robot:

  • To scale up autonomous functionality and address user’s COVID 19 challenges
  • Prove commercial value (measure time saving and reduced stress levels)
  • Turn end users into launching customers
  • Establish market traction & investments for Robot-as-a-Service deployment.
  • Establish ROSE version A
Test locations:

De Zorggroep

  • One of the largest care providers in The Netherlands
  • Many residential and care centers
  • Support, care and treatment with focus on self-sustainability


St. Marien-Hospital

  • 16000 in- and outpatients
  • 550 employees
  • Geriatrics, internal medicine, neurological and
    interdisciplinary early rehabilitation

Broca Living Labs

  • Member of APHP, the biggest care organization in France
  • Aims for innovative healthcare solutions

 Badalona Hospital

  • 16 Centers, 1400 staff and 400000 clients
  • Offers primary, hospital and mental care
What can Rose do:
  • Routine/Inspection tasks
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Physical support
  • Expension of skills (LfDT)


Contribution HIT

In this project HIT is the main partner, coordinator and performer of all pilots.