Robot ROSE: C19R Deployment Call at St. Marien-Hospital

This video shows robot ROSE performing some basic autonomous manipulation tasks.

ROSE-C19R Call:
This video shows robot ROSE performing some basic autonomous manipulation tasks. Robot ROSE was deployed by Heemskerk Innovative Technology (HiT) for 6 weeks in October and November 2022 at St. Marien-Hospital, in Cologne. During autonomous manipulation, ROSE focused on robustness of execution in dynamic care environments. The goal is to show a basic implementation of robust autonomous manipulation, in order to use this for logistical support in the future. Furthermore, ROSE performed her autonomous routine tasks, i.e., checking if clients were risk of falling.

Thanks to:
The ROSE-C19R Covid Response Call project was funded by DIH HERO. Special thanks to the organization for this opportunity. Furthermore, special thanks to all the people at St. Marien-Hospital for the warm collaboration during the project.

More information about ROSE:
ROSE is a multi-purpose, semi-autonomous, service robot which aims to support care professionals and provide clients with improved autonomy and sustainable high-quality services. ROSE patrols the hospital wards detecting unusual activity, checks the well-being of patients, responds to requests and transports objects & medical equipment. ROSE communicates with people, activates and entertains them as well as physically supports them by taking on tasks that they are not able to perform themselves.

For more information about the deployment of Robot ROSE at your organization:

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