Kick-Off Meeting Project ROSE-C19R

4 pilot studies in European Countries

As part of the DIH HERO COVID 19 response call, HIT was elected to do application validation tests with robot Rose at various locations across Europe, thus financing Rose’s pilot trials phase. On 12 July 2022 the project Kick-off took place, on-line.

  • To scale up autonomous functionality and address user’s COVID 19 challenges
  • Prove commercial value (measure time saving and reduced stress levels)
  • Turn end users into launching customers
  • Establish market traction & investments for Robot-as-a-Service deployment.
  • Establish ROSE version A
Test locations:

De Zorggroep

  • One of the largest care providers in The Netherlands
  • Many residential and care centers
  • Support, care and treatment with focus on self-sustainability

St. Marien-Hospital

  • 16000 in- and outpatients
  • 550 employees
  • Geriatrics, internal medicine, neurological and
    interdisciplinary early rehabilitation

Broca Living Labs

  • Member of APHP, the biggest care organization in France
  • Aims for innovative healthcare solutions

Badalona Hospital

  • 6 Centers, 1400 staff and 400000 clients
  • Offers primary, hospital and mental care
What can Rose do:
  • Routine / Inspection tasks
  • Human-Robot interaction
  • Physical support
  • Expansion of skills (LfDT)
Official website

Click here to visit the official website of Robot Rose