Maintenance Studies

For Maintenance Studies we use the same skills and tools as for Remote Handling Compabiliteits Analyses, but we focus more on the broader aspect of maintenance.

What are Maintenance Studies?

In a maintenance study we examine systematically whether a component or system effectively and maintain efficient
With Virtual Reality techniques we can perform this research at an early stage, if the system has not yet been built, and changes in the design even easier to realize.

  • Determine whether a component or system effectively and maintain efficient
  • When the reliability of the maintenance must be increased
  • Validating maintenance plans
  • If one wants to increase the safety on human action
  • In poor visibility on (maintenance) activities
  • When inaccessible places must be accessible for inspection and maintenance
Application areas
  • Designing for maintenance of capital
  • (“Design fo maintainability”), reducing MTTR
  • Preparing maintenance of nuclear facilities
  • Preparing maintenance of scuba equipment
  • Reliability of maintenance is increased
  • Security increases
  • Additional visual information available at work
  • Accessibility is increased
  • Unhide all competencies of various issues
  • In advance consideration of maintenance, and how maintenance should be performed