Synthetic Viewing

Synthetic Viewing facilitates maintenance in inaccessible environments, by enriching with Augmented Reality, camera images or even calibrated to operate in a virtual reality environment.

What is Synthetic Viewing

The system analyzes Synthetic Viewing camera images to identify and follow relevant objects in the scene. Their location and orientation on the basis of this spatial information is imported from a CAD model and is updated real-time.

The calibrated models form the basis for adding Augmented Features, which are projected as an overlay on the camera images, or completely artificial and virtual reality scenes with high contrast and resolution.

This Synthetic Viewing the system makes it possible for example occluded (hidden) to make visible features or to create a better approach to perform the task.

  • Maintenance in environments with limited visibility
  • Identifying and locating objects based on camera images
  • Adding additional information in the field of view (a mechanic gets in image tags that describe parts of a system)
  • Visualizing occluded objects
  • What is Synthetic Viewing used?
Application areas
  • Fusion
  • Fission
  • Space
  • Capital Goods
  • Subsea
  • Oil & Gas
  • Clear and intuitive understanding of the environment, which actions can be performed faster and safer
  • The database object data is a source of information for system administration and optimization of operations
  • Easy to use
  • Additional information visually available
  • Any distance can be bridged
  • Accessibility and reliability is increased