Control Room

Central area where specific technology and systems can be monitored and controlled.

What is a Control Room?

A central area from where remote technology can be controlled and monitored with integrated input and output such as joysticks, master arm, visual feedback, audio, indicators.

  • Training of operators
  • Perform operations associated technology such as remote handling (link)
  • Validating maintenance plans
  • When inaccessible places must be accessible for inspection and maintenance
  • If large and heavy parts must be moved
  • Navigation for example underwater robots
Application areas
  • Dissemination of technology in different ways
  • Effective training of operators, enabling them to work faster and more secure
  • Shorter maintenance cycle
  • Reliability of maintenance is increased
  • Security on feasibility of displacement (geometric, not necessarily mechanical)
  • Accessibility is increased
  • Basis for volautomatisering in a dynamic situation