Virtual Reality

A Graphical simulation of a real or fictional situation, ranging from a simple view on a computer screen to a complex, immersive situation with an accurate representation of reality and interaction with simulated objects.

What is Virtual Reality?

A graphical simulation of a real or fictional situation, from simple to complex display on computer display where the user can wander in the simulated situation.

  • Training of operators
  • With poor visibility on (maintenance) activities
  • Visualization of hidden objects (during medical examinations or operations with X-ray visualisation), for example enabling the surgeon to see the foetus in the womb
  • Visualization of geometrically distributed data invisible to the eye, such as infrared imaging
  • To increase safety on human action
Application areas
  • Possible to review a design without manufacturing hardware mockups
  • Operators work accurately and efficiently
  • Assembly and maintenance procedures can be developed before construction starts
  • More efficient, shorter maintenance cycles
  • Additional visual information available during operations
  • Assurance on feasibility of motions (geometric, not necessarily mechanical)
  • Security increases
  • Every situation can be simulated