Remote Handling Compatibility Analysis

A Remote Handling Compatibility Analysis (RHCA) determines whether and how to maintain a component. This analysis can be carried out in several stages of a development.

What is Remote Handling Compatibility Analysis ?

A RH Compatibility Analysis examines systematically or a component or system is suitable for maintenance using Remote Handling solutions.

Within the design guidelines of ITER should be a RHCA performed at every formal Design Review , on each system and sub-system of ITER to be. Expected to be replaced during the lifetime of ITER The ITER RHCA follows a formal procedure.

  • To determine the maintainability of a component in preparation for a formal design review
  • Validating maintenance plans
  • When should reliability maintenance increased
  • When inaccessible places to be for inspection and maintenance accessible
  • When one wants to raise about human action safety
  • If large and heavy parts have to be moved
Application areas
  • Various studies and projects for ITER and F4E
  • Reliability of maintenance is increased
  • Certainty about the applicability of Remote Handling , visibility , accessibility and gripability (‘handlability’)
  • Safety increases
  • Certainty about feasibility of displacement (geometric , not necessarily mechanical)
  • Unhide all competencies of various issues
  • In advance considering maintenance and how maintenance should be performed