NBRHS VR simulation Exit Scraper replacement (ITER)

VR Mockup for interactive simulation of maintenance on the ITER Neutral Beam system

  • Status: Completed
  • From October 2017 until March 2018

ITER is one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today.In southern France, 35 nations are collaborating to build the world’s largest tokamak, a magnetic fusion device that has been designed to prove the feasibility of fusion as a large-scale and carbon-free source of energy based on the same principle that powers our Sun and stars.ITER will be the first fusion device to produce net energy. ITER will be the first fusion device to maintain fusion for long periods of time. And ITER will be the first fusion device to test the integrated technologies, materials, and physics regimes necessary for the commercial production of fusion-based electricity.

The Exit Scraper component forms an intrinsic part of each of the three Neutral particle Beamlines, one of ITER’s major heating systems.The Exit Scraper is located in the Beam Line Vessel (BLV) and is attached to the output duct of the BLV. Due to operational wear, the Exit Scraper has to be removed regularly (RH Class 1). Due to radiation levels in the Neutral Beam Cell this has to be done completely by Remote Handling (RH). From the Operational Sequence Description (OSD), and in close contact with the customer, nine scenarios were selected to serve as input for the simulation study.

HIT performed interactive simulations using a Virtual Mock-up, with real-time contact dynamics, allowing us to validate the procedures, and to identify design improvements that otherwise would have found only much later in hardware tests or cause major delays during system integration