Robot Rose at BSA, Badalona

In the period September-October 2022, ROSE was deployed at El-Carme Sociosanitary Centre (BSA) in Badalona, Spain, under the DIH-HERO Covid 19 Response and Deployment Call.

  • Badalona, Spain, October 18th, 2022

During its time at BSA, ROSE performed autonomous tasks which included:

  • Emergency lights detection
  • Alerting the personnel on shift about which room called for assistance
  • Detection of risky sleeping postures that could lead to falling from the bed
  • Assessment of area clearance to prevent patients from stumbling on objects left around the bed

ROSE performed these tasks for more than 6 hours on a daily basis, proving that it can help as an extra pair of eyes and raise the staff’s awareness and confidence. Longer term deployment of ROSE will yield higher prevention rates and elimination of falls and injuries.
Studies on user acceptance showed that the vast majority of the care professionals were not afraid of the robot and did not feel that it obstructed their workflow. Most importantly, they are aware that ROSE is there to assist them and does not aim to replace them, showing a greater degree of acceptance compared to earlier trials with ROSE prototypes in other care organizations some years ago.

We are very happy that we managed to conclude the deployment trajectory successfully and proved the impact that ROSE can have on the hospital. ROSE drew a lot of attention from the local media and the authorities. This shows that expectations as well as demands in healthcare, towards innovative solutions such as ROSE are growing!
We have built a solid relation with BSA and we are looking forward to future collaboration!

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ROSE checks the emergency lights

Risk of falling assessment (safe/risk):

Patrolling and monitoring