Reflecting on a Successful Deployment at Broca Hospital

  • Released on June 14th, 2023

The deployment at Broca Hospital in Paris, in January-March 2023, within the DIH-HERO Covid19 Response and Deployment Call, allowed us to gather valuable insights and feedback, which have been instrumental in fine-tuning our robotic system to better meet the specific needs and requirements of the healthcare environment. In addition, it highlighted the importance to include the daily end users early in the development process ensuring that the solutions we develop truly address their pain points and contribute to their overall goals. We are grateful to the Broca Living Lab team, the hospital staff and stakeholders for their cooperation and support throughout this process.

We are proud to share that the deployment results have shown promising outcomes, with positive user acceptance and a significant potential for improving efficiency and patient care. ROSE managed to reduce the number of wandering visitors, unnecessary interactions with busy personnel and unlocked a new dimension in the provision of entertaining and occupational activities. Furthermore, it established a base for support in hospital logistics. We are excited to build upon these achievements and explore further opportunities for deploying ROSE in healthcare settings.