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  • Status: Active
  • From July 2021 until December 2023
  • Research Project

SANDRo2 (Semi Autonomous Night and Day Robot 2),  is an innovative robotic system, intended to provide remote care services to geriatric clients and people with physical limitations.

Based on novel technologies, it provides:

  1. Autonomous task support
  2. Monitoring and control via a remote cockpit
  3. Social, context-aware interaction. Implemented on a low-cost robotic platform and integrated into care homes via a scalable cloud platform, SANDRo2 reduces the workload of caregivers, while maintaining high quality services

SANDRo2 is a robust solution, which supports caregivers in daily routine and time-consuming tasks and provides clients with improved autonomy and sustainable high-quality care. By actively meeting the demand for more personnel, SANDRo2 will improve provision of care services in remote areas and prevent small and understaffed provincial centers from closing down.

The project will be instrumental for the completion and deployment of Robot ROSE as it will enable the validation of novel technologies in navigation, event detection and manipulation in real clinical settings. The tasks will be deployed on PAL Robotics’ new Omni TIAGo robot with features to overcome inherent environment variations.

Furthermore, the integration of the system with the clinical facilities will be facilitated by the cloud infrastructure of Diginova.


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