Hold Down and Release System (HDRS)

Dutch Space provides a so-called Hold-Down and Release System – based on the thermal cutting of Kevlar cable – on their solar panels.

  • Status: Completed
  • From January 2012 until December 2013
  • Dutch Space • Design Project

Characterization tests on deepening the cable and broadening the knowledge about the behavior of the cables under extreme conditions than the qualification limits. In addition, new HDRS options designed to position Dutch Space even better in this competitive market.


Kevlar cables, which are used within the HDRS prove to be very reliable and provide much clarity on all levels at the nominal operating window. The battue in the market to extend this window is done by developing alternative concepts, which make the system more applicable beard in general without having to resort to reliability.


This system combines the conflicting demands of certain holding the solar panels on the satellite for launch, and securely releasing the solar panels in space.

Contribution HIT

Heemskerk Innovative Technology assists the core team in the development and the characterization and qualification program for the next generation of this system.