FlexArrayer (FlexGen)

Instrument designed with which in a simple and fast way DNA microarrays (“DNA chips”) and can be synthesized.

  • Status: Completed
  • From July 2007 until June 2010
  • FlexGen • Design Project

Make a compact device that is to customer specifications to create a completely custom DNA microarray within 24 hours, with at least 40,000 spots where the layout and sequence of nucleotides per spot to be programmed at will.


Device is based on a new type of compact UV-laser, which is controlled via mirrors on the surface of the microarray, and meanwhile scans addresses individual spots. Only exposed spots participate in the next round of synthesis. The process is repeated until the nucleotides have been reached the desired length in each spot.


The arrays are suitable for a wide range of analyzes, including SNP detection, sequencing, gene expression profiling and genetic selection. The system is also suitable for the preparation of oligopools.

Contribution HIT

Cock Heemskerk, as one of the inventors of the patent that is the basis for the FlexArrayer, since the beginning involved in FlexGen. Within the development of FlexArrayer Heemskerk Innovative Technology acts as an external consultant.