HIT Presents Research About Teleoperated Demonstration of Compliant Robot Control at ICAR 2021

Presentation given at the International Conference of Advanced Robotics (ICAR).

  • Remote, January 21st, 2022

What started as a master thesis at HIT, led to a publication and presentation at the ICAR 2021.
The goal of the research? Enabling remote operators to learn complex tasks to a semi-autonomous robot.

During his master thesis, Jasper Schol worked on the Developments of Robot Rose 2.0. Since robot Rose has to perform numerous tasks in an environment shared with humans, safe and compliant control is required.

Varying compliant control provides Rose the ability to adapt the properties of the robotic arm, to comply or resist against external environmental perturbations. This allows Rose to make complex and safe autonomous manipulation tasks possible.

Utilizing haptics in teleoperation, the research designs and evaluates a method that allows operators to intuitively learn variable compliant control, to a remote robot.

The research titled “Design and Evaluation of Haptic Interface Wiggling Method for Remote Commanding of Variable Stiffness Profiles”; is presented online at the international conference of advance robotics 2021 (ICAR) and the article can be found here. The full master thesis can be downloaded from the TU Delft repository.

Jasper Schol presenting at ICAR 2021 Teleoperation & Haptics