HIT Present at World Haptics 2023

This week, HIT participated in the IEEE World Haptics 2023 conference. The conference took place in our home town, Delft, the Netherlands.

The IEEE World Haptics Conference 2023 is the premier international conference covering all aspects of haptics including the fundamental scientific findings, technological developments, algorithms and applications. It is a central venue for reporting research results and demonstrating novel capabilities in the field of haptics. The conference offers opportunities to share the most up-to-date scientific discoveries and innovative products.

HIT shared a booth with Haption, and together we demonstrated how tele-operation can be used to simulate, validate and train for remote maintenance operations in challenging environments, like in nuclear facilities. Offering the opportunity to get hands-on experience, throughout most of the conference, people queued at the booth to test their hands on one of our demos: with the Haption Virtuose master arm visitors could experience real hardware tele-operation with a Kinova arm, or virtual tele-operation with the Jenga simulation.

To see the various movies on how we use simulation at HIT check out our Youtube channel:

Heemskerk Innovative Technology (HIT) – YouTube

HIT shared a booth with Haption.