Advanced Engineering

Technical domains all require their own specific expertise.

High-tech systems often consist of several technical disciplines that require cross domain overview for all life cycles of the system.
The system engineers in HIT are experienced engineers who have become skilled within different technical domains throughout their careers.

Key aspects

  • System engineering 

With system engineering, we strive not only to achieve a sophisticated balance between complex technical requirements, but we also keep a keen eye on the business goals of our customers, to come up with a balance in the triangle of time-money-technology as our goal. For this, HIT often focuses on the big picture, on the coordinating and interconnecting of technical specialists and suppliers, and on the coaching of young engineers. See also our publications in the field of system engineering.

  • Engineering audit 

An engineering audit is typically performed to review a complicated development process performance from an independent position and to see how “the project works.” One of the considering factors, for example, is how the various processes are set up, and whether these are transparent, effective and efficient.

  • Peer review 

A peer review is a way of assessment to improve the quality of a system by submitting your work to others. HIT delivers reviewers with a extensive technical background who can zoom in quickly on specific focus points in complex design processes.

  • Design review 

A critical moment in a development process is when the design of a system is tested against the requirements. By being able to orient in complex projects quickly, HIT can make an important contribution in the preparation of a review, take the organization and coordination of a review in itself and/or provide an independent chairman for a Design Review Boar